Since ancient times that wine is producted in Portugal. The first evidences are from Romans and it is presented in arquitectural structures, vasels and lagaretas.


Vinho da Ordem is also an evidence of the “old” practice wine production. The first records from wine in the Village of Valhelhas are from the XII century when the second King of Portugal, D. Sancho I, offers the Village by the Foral (Low at that time) to the Templates Order, so that they povoate and defend the Village. Wherever there was religioses orders the wine was producer.


So we can say this are the first evidences of wine in this Village.


In the XVI century another interesting reference is made to the Wine in this Village. By the hand of the King D. Manuel I, he deliberate in the new Foral to Valhelhas, that by Christmas time the Village should offer tow almudes of wine to the Kingdom has a tax.


Since 1900 the vineyard is in the private owners family. As result to the Liberal movement lots of state, militar and religiouses properties passed to private owners. That is the case of Vinha de Ordem.


Actualy the wineyard is at the fourth generation familiy.


We want to thank Professor José Sobral for the research history direction. And the time spend in local visits. We are very grateful for his help.


Professor José Sobral biography



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