The monks of various religious orders here produced wine, over the centuries, from the foundation of Portugal, XII century, justifying the name by which is known the "Vinho da Ordem".


Inspired by the tradition of the manufacturing process of the red wines of the Middle Ages, using centuries-old strains of grape varieties, is produced a claret wine, fruit of a desire to preserve family history, to maintain the heritage and to cherish and share knowledge that our ancestors left us.


The Vinho da Ordem is made with a blend of white and red grapes previously defined in planting of the vineyard, many decades ago, according to ancient traditions that have been passed from generation to generation. The grapes are vinified with tanning so that the final wine becomes claret, which in the Middle Ages was known for red wine and had a deep religious significance.


The grapes used in this wine, are representative of the old vine varieties on the Beira Interior and include Rufete, Jaen, Bastardinho, Marouco and Berry, among paints, and Fonte Cal, Síria and Folgosão Rosado, between the white and pink. Many others are unknown.


The use of diverse grapes as - white, red and pink, early and late maturations - is due to the fact that a vine with wider range of varieties become more protected from the weather and pests, because in a year are saved in a next save will be others. This was a simple and wisely that the ancestors used to prevent significant loss of production driven by climate instability. The advantages translate into fewer treatments and a wine always different, depending on the varieties that best resist frost, hail and thunderstorms, allowing a distinctive experience at each harvest.


Special thanks to Professor Virgilio Loureiro that with his knowledge, enthusiasm and persistence, has been recovering and to keep alive the rare and authentic wines of our ancestors, such as the Order of Wine.


Biography of Professor Virgilio Loureiro:

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