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Cod fish pastries | Pastéis de bacalhau

Atualizado: 25 de mai. de 2022

Why is cod fish considered the king of the Portuguese food? And the most noble friend on the table?

There are many reasons but two for sure: we can prepare it in 1001 different ways and also because that whatever happened there would always be a piece of cod fish on the table. Even in very difficult times of our story, cod was always there becoming very popular between Portuguese in the XVI century by several reasons.

What is the origin of this fish and how become so popular?

Despite it was very risky to fish, there was good reasons to be very famous:

1 All over the world very few people liked it and was not having a good reputation, so in end it was a big stock of food for a small population like Portuguese, making it affordable.

2 It was a smart way for having a rich protein, mineral and omega 3 source in food.

3 it was possible to keep it for long months after salted and dry.

“Portuguese Cod”, was coming from north iced Atlantic near Greenlandic in incredible small boats and with terrible conditions. That was the price to pay to get it. After fished cod is salted and dried. A smart way to keep it long without need of cooling energy or any complex industrial processes. It was ready to cross the world in any temperature conditions, from cold humid to very warm dry summers, a couple of months in boats until the final destination before consumed.

Everything we can stock we can also manage better. Here were the ingredients for a successful story.

In our days the story is different, everyone wants to eat cod and the prices raised as the stocks went down. In some way it would be nice to keep it a secret.

By all these reasons, Pastel de Bacalhau (cod pasterie) is our suggestion of Portuguese typical receipt.

We hope you can prepare it and enjoy it has much as all Portuguese.

To combine we suggest a nice green salat and tomato rice. Not forgetting our red wine Vinho da Ordem from the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela Portugal.


1 kg potatoes

500 g de dried cod fish after desalted (see technic to remove salt)

5 eggs

1 branch of parsley

Pepper (few) and nutmeg (few)

2 small onions

1 peace of garlic

100 ml of extra virgin olive oil

Frying oil

Start by finding a nice piece of dried cod fish in a Portuguese shop. As well a good wine and extra virgin olive oil.

Preparing the cod. To remove the salt from the dried codfish you have to make in new fresh water 5 times in 24 hours. After these 24 hours keep fresh till start the recipe:

- Boil the potatoes with skin until they are very soft. Peel the potatoes;

- In another pan, boil the cod fish. 5 minutes after water start boiling will be enough.

After cooked remove the skin and all bones;

- On a frying pan with extra virgin olive oil, had garlic, and pepper and onion all in small pieces until getting gold but without frying or burning keeping low fire;

All coming together:

Smash the potatoes correctly until you get a puree. Make also the cod in very small pieces, do it by hand or use a fork to help. In end it will look like cotton fibres.

Once the two ingredients are well crushed, add them and mix them;

Mix all the ingredients including the olive oil sauce very well to have a homogeneous preparation and let it all cool;

Finally beat the egg and mix slowly with all the ingredients prepared;

In end add parsley in the mixture and correct the salt if needed more.

To make the pastries, use 2 tablespoons: one to give the size of the pastry and another to help shape it;

In a frying pan, put some oil to dip the pastries without touching the bottom;

Heat the oil well at the frying point and only after place the pastries to fry until golden; Remove and dry the pastries from the excess of oil.

Shop suggestion in Rotterdam area:

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