Valhelhas is a small vilage, located in the heart of the region of Beira Interior inside Natural Park of Serra da Estrela is the vineyard birthplace.


Halfway between Guarda and Manteigas, Valhelhas is located at the end of formidable Glacier Valley of Zêzere, part of the unique landscape of stunning beauty of the Natural Park.


There are several ways to enjoy this natural sanctuary. Walking becomes the most calmly and friendly for the nature. Sleeping where you can listen to the cool sounds of the mountain. Whenever possible, crossing the tracks on foot or by bike. You can also revitalize energy in river beach Valhelhas in clean and fresh Rio Zêzere waters.


The Natural Park of Serra da Estrela, with all its biodiversity, provide a single ride, where you can find places of great natural interest.


Valhelhas is also close to Belmonte, only 10 km, you can visit interesting museums and have contact with one of the most important epics of our history: The Discovery. It Belmonte, homeland of Pedro Alvares Cabral, leading the Portuguese navigatores who discovered the sea route to Brazil. But there is much more to know in Belmonte, as the Jewish Quarter or the Castle.


Further north in the Guarda city, the imposing Cathedral is a must see, and well the Historical Center and the Museum, important piece for those interested in history.


And if your interest is on the Serra da Estrela Glacier Valley will have to make a mandatory stop in Manteigas in Interpretive Center Valley Glacier Zêzere. Already with one foot in the Serra, before traveling to higest point, the tower point with almost 2000 meters, you can stop at birth place of River Zêzere and River Mondego.


In addition to these natural and historical beauties will have to taste in Valhelhas, birthplace Vinho da Ordem, on of the gastronomic delights of the region.


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